Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Day 9 and I'm feeling much better!

I am so happy today. Actually it started yesterday. Raul took the day off to take Danica to see her doctor. Then, he came to visit me at City of Hope. He got here a little past noon. We spent our time talking about Danica and everything. I enjoy the time we spend together. I'm so fortunate to have Raul as not only my husband, but also my best friend. There's never a dull moment. We always find something to talk about and we know how to make each other laugh (I still say, I'm the funny one in the relationship). Then there are moments when we need "alone" time. For example, I'll scrapbook with my sisters, while he and Paul (the brother-in-law) would work on their guy stuff - computers, watch violent movies, Best Buy, etc. Having a little time off from each other is actually a good thing. Then we share how our day was before going to bed. My life with Raul is pretty simple. This is why we have a strong relationship. We don't make things complicated. We tell each other everything. I trust him and he trusts me. We have the same agenda - God is number 1. Every Sunday, we will go to church as a family. And now that we're parents, we have to make sure that we go out for "date nights." Maybe once or twice a month, we'll drop Danica off at Grandma's house.

My nurse yesterday, Melanie, said that I look very happy. I was honest with her, I still have pain here and there, but when my husband is here with me, all the pain go away. Raul has this very positive attitude, just what I need when I'm feeling down.

This morning, Melanie was my nurse again. She said that I'm the best patient here. Everyone else is depressed and whining about something. And here I am, telling stories, being friendly with the staff, and cracking jokes. "No pain today, Leica?" asked Melanie. I still have pain but I'm not going to let it ruin my day. At this stage, I'm more excited about getting better, my glass is half full.

Can this day get any better? KC, the blood donor coordinator just called to let me know that 15 people have donated blood/platelet under my name. Wow! My family and friends are awesome! I am so blessed.

Everything is going according to plan, God's plan that is. I knew it! I knew God has a reason why all these things happened. He sure is one amazing God. I love you, Lord!!!

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  1. I love you hun. You are doing so good. You are my everything! That's why its so simple to do everything with you! I'm glad I was able to make your day better. You are an amazing person for the way you carry yourself during these hard times. God has truly blessed us during these hard times.