Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 21

Nurse: Hi Leesha! Good morning, I'll be your nurse today.
Me: My name is Leica. It's spelled L-E-I-C-A but it's pronounced as L-I-E-C-A. It's "like a..."
Nurse: Ok, Leticia, just let me know when you need anything. I'll be right back to assess you.
Me: Forget it!

Here's one more for ya...

Nurse: Hi Mrs. Palma!
(Sometime in the middle of the day, meets my husband. Comes back later on...)
Nurse: So is Palma your maiden name?
Me: No, it's my married name.
Nurse: Your husband doesn't look like a "Palma"

Ok, one last...
Nurse: (Looks at Danica's pictures) Your baby is half white and what?

Haha! Classic stories from the hospital... They better not mess up Danica's name and call her Daneesha. I would get so mad!!!


  1. wait - are all these instances from one nurse or different nurses?

  2. From different nurses. Funny, huh?