Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 20

I got great news: if all goes well (and it will), I get to go home on Wednesday. Woohoo! Just a few rules... I can't have pets at home (I will miss you, Mr. Miyagi, my Pekingese, and Sammy, Julia's Golden Retriever), no indoor plants (sorry, Mom, I know you want some orchids indoor), I'm on a special diet (low bacteria) for two months (no raw food, no SUSHI... Oh no!), no visitors for the next couple of months (but that's okay because I need time for my hair to grow out, anyway) and the doctor said not to have the baby sleep in the same room (this one I kind of have a problem with, but we'll work it out at home, I'm sure). The reason for all these is because my immune system is low. Hang in there with me for just two more months, guys.

I want to give a big "thank you" to my Lord, Jesus Christ, for completely healing me and always being by my side. To my family, for all the patience they have for me. Thank you to Lola Net for being here and taking care of Danica. Thank you to the Rodriguez family, thank you for all the love and support you have shown us. To my sister, Ate Ex, thank you for sacrificing your days off just to take care of Danica. To my parents, I love you both and thank you for having us at home (no charge... LOL). To my friends, thank you for all the prayers, God answered them all. I'm alive and well. Thank you to those who donated blood and/or platelet. You all have made such a difference in my life and other patients as well. And the biggest THANK YOU to my husband, Raul. You have been my advocate since Day 1. You were my voice when I could not speak. You always make time for me. I love you always and forever!

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