Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today is Day One Post BMT

I haven't eaten since Saturday morning. I have 6 different lines hooked up to my PICC line. One of them is TPN (total parenteral nutrition). This is how they will feed me because I can't hold anything down. My stomach feels queasy. I'm gagging all over this room. To top things off, I have diarrhea. Sorry TMI.

Luckily, Raul is here to see me everyday. Just where and how would I be without him? He is my advocate. He takes care of all the paperworks, calls the doctor, he's very proactive when it comes to my health. I love the fact that he's involved with everything, almost as if he is the doctor himself. The nurses are scared of him. Haha! Raul is the kind of person who doesn't take "no" for an answer. I love my husband!

So it's Day 1! I'm super excited to be 100% again. Good night for now. XOXO


  1. You're husband is quite the fighter!

  2. GO UNCLE RAUL! Says Julia babe :) We miss you!