Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Evening! It's Day 5

I was asleep most of the day, so I'm checking in late tonight. My platelet count was low; 37,000 yesterday and my guess is it was most likely around 25,000 this morning. The nurse didn't bother checking my blood count because my doctor has standing orders to transfuse below 40,000. Really, I should have gotten it yesterday but I refused to. I hate getting platelet because I have to be premedicated with 25 mg Benadryl IV. It makes me groggy, sleepy, dries my throat... but it's something I need to prevent any adverse reactions from receiving platelet transfusions.

My older sister noticed my weight gain. I thought I was the only one. I'm eating the same amount of food. If anything, I'm eating less because I don't have an appetite lately. Must be the Chemo. Blame it on the C-H-E-M-O! Haha :D

Before I sign out, I also wanted to share that my Grandma Net went to the ED today. Praise God! My Lola is doing well. She had a CT scan done, the doctors didn't find anything wrong except that her BP was elevated. She just needs some R&R, that's all. Please include her in your prayers. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Having her here reminds me of my childhood with Lolo Pering and Lola Medy. They all have the same positive attitude and very outgoing. If you ask me to describe Lola Net in one word, I would say she's "cute." Why I think she's cute? Let's save that story for another day.

Sweet dreams.

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