Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2 Post Transplant and the Bulls Lost

Last night, I barely got some rest. The nurse was in and out of my room, checking my vitals, pushing meds, assessing my mouth and skin. I had so much pain, especially in my legs. Due to lack of exercise, perhaps. First I asked the nurse for Tylenol, didn't work. Then she offered Morphine, no effect. Finally I tried Dilaudid and that's what did it for me. I was pain-free for 3 hours.

Before I got diagnosed, I never really took anything for pain. Just topical analgesics, such as Vicks, Bengay, Salonpas and/or Katinko. It makes my room smell like an old woman's perfume, but it really is the only answer to my muscle aches. So tonight, my sister, Ate Ex, visited me and gave me Katinko. I was like a little girl in a carnival, eating cotton candy. Yes, my friends... It's the little things in life that makes me happy. That's how simple I am.

Well, it's now Day 2 post BMT. I had my hair cut today and boy oh boy do I look like a boy. Hahaha!!! I don't really care how I look, as long as I get cured. And as long as I can be here for my family and friends. On a sad note, the Bulls lost tonight. That probably hurt the most, forget the Chemo! Bwahaha! Good night, sleepyheads.

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