Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank you, Food Network

I tried a new recipe from the beautiful, Giada DeLaurentiis and it was awesome! Well, at least that is what I thought of it... and so did my husband and mom. I love watching her show. She always has easy-to-follow recipes and her ingredients are simple. I did alter her recipe a bit, substituted bacon for pancetta and omitted brandy because I can't have any type of alcohol in my system. First, I baked yam and sweet potato, with 1/2 cup heavy cream, sauteed  garlic and onion, and 1/2 cup chicken broth. Topped that with grated asiago cheese. Placed in the oven, 400 degrees for 45 minutes with aluminum foil, then remove the foil and wait another 15 minutes. It was heaven!!! Then for the main course, I fried some bacon, caramelized an apple, fried porkchops, and prepared the sauce. For the sauce, I sauteed garlic and onion and added 1/2 heavy cream. I'm sure it's better with brandy, but unfortunately I skipped that part. Maybe when I'm 100% stable with no medications, I will try it. Anyway, let me just tell you... everything was delish! I love my new recipe. Thanks, Giada!

Oh, and how do you like these glasses I got from HomeGoods? I love that store!

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