Monday, May 21, 2012

So Sick

So sick and tired of being sick and tired! Argh! We're all sick at home. Raul has abdominal issues, I have been nauseated and vomiting, and Danica has Roseola. Roseola... I have never even heard of it until today, when we took her to the Doctor's. I googled it and yup, that's exactly what she has. On top of it, she won't put weight on her right foot and the doctor doesn't have an explanation for it. A chest x-ray was done and it didn't show any signs of fracture or anything. I hate seeing her in pain. I hate seeing Raul in pain either. I'd rather be the one suffering, because I know I'm strong and I can handle anything. Please include us in your prayers. God is good and faithful, He will heal us.

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