Monday, May 7, 2012

Anniversary Dinner

Last Tuesday, May 1st, Raul and I celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary. It's so cool how things worked out for us. On May 1st, 2001, he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said, "yes." Eight years later, he asked me to be his wife. Of course I said, "yes." We got married on our ninth year together... May 1st, 2010 (which ended up being a Saturday... how perfect!). I thought it was pretty neat that we got married on the same date we started dating. So, we have one anniversary date. Yippee!

Anyway, last Tuesday for our anniversary, we had dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in Woodland Hills. The food was amazing. I loved everything we got. For appetizer, we got the Lobster California Roll. Raul had Lobster and Steak, while I had the Misoyaki Butterfish. The butterfish was a bit salty, but the texture was just perfect. We also got drinks, I got a virgin drink since I'm not allowed to have alcohol due to my meds. But the best part was dessert. Before I forget, I wanted to share that Danica got a free meal and dessert. We had a total of 3 desserts, but we only ordered one. What we paid for was the Chocolate Souffle, then we got a "Happy Anniversary" dessert, and Danica got ice cream on a chocolate mold. Of course, I didn't give it to her because she's too young. I don't want to introduce her to sweets yet, because I know she will like it. Haha! I'm very careful with what I feed her, too. She mostly eats chicken (white meat, preferably), veggies, eggs, fruits and dairies.

Alright, that's all for now. Happy anniversary, hun (if you're reading this)! I know you will. Can't wait for our New York trip! We'll have so much fun! Love you =)

P.S. - I'm almost a year post Bone Marrow Transplant. My hair is so curly, especially on the back. I flat ironed my bangs. Hehe. I can't wait until it gets longer. Cheers!

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