Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

It's a new year and I wish you all good health! I started the year by celebrating my parents' 35th wedding anniversary and surprising my husband with birthday cards and a new Calvin Klein (his favorite brand) shirt. Also, Danica is 11 months old today. Ahhhh... she's growing too fast!

Anyway, I got a lot of things done today. Celebrated Raul's birthday, ordered Danica's cake (can't wait to show you guys!), got groceries for the week, picked up Danica's birthday invites, cooked dinner... to make a long story short, I did it all and I am tired!

Let's switch to a different subject, shall we. I've been googling "post chemo hair" and found several sites where women posted pictures of their hair growth and blogged about their chemo experience. I thought it was a great idea and very brave of them to share their head shots online for others to view. Most of the sites I found are of women who went through chemotherapy due to breast cancer. I, on the other hand, did it in preparation for Bone Marrow Transplant. I received Fludarabine for 4 days and the 5th day I had Melphalan (the one that caused my hair to fall out and made me really sick). Basically, all my blood cells were killed using these Chemo drugs to make room for my donor's bone marrow cells.

I wish to contribute to the "post chemo hair" search on google. So, here goes.... Before chemo, I had long hair (past my shoulders). Any girl would agree that losing hair is the hardest part of going through chemo. When my doctor told me that I will lose my hair, I cried. And he said, "It's just hair, Leica, it will grow back." Well, to me, it's not "just hair" ... it's "my hair" ... "my long hair." I started growing peach fuzz about a month after chemo, then the following month it turned black (my natural color), but the growth was uneven. I had a bald spot on the front for a while. It wasn't until the fourth month when everything finally evened out and I decided to wear it in public without any wig or scarf. Yup, I got people staring at me because I looked like a boy with make-up on. I felt so ugly. Not only did I have super short hair, I was also fat due to steroids (Prednisone). I ran into a co-worker while doing some shopping and she said, "You look so... " and I said, "different?" .... she said, "wide." HAHA! Damn Prednisone!!! Back to my hair growth. I'm now seven months post chemo and my hair is longer. I've learned to like the new me. The new me is a stronger person, healthier, more outspoken, brave, energetic. I always tell people that I look different because I am a different person. I may not be attractive (and I'm not saying I used to look like J. Lo... HAHAHA), but I'm alive and enjoying life with my family and friends.

Post chemo hair growth is different for everyone. If the google search engine brought you here on my blog, you're lucky because I've decided to release some photos (HAHAHA). I hope you found my contribution helpful. Here's to give you an idea on how hair will grow after chemo:

5 months post chemo:

six months post chemo:
(with my Baby Danica and cousin Chelsea)

seven months post chemo:

before chemo:

So there you have it... I'm currently seven months post chemo and I have cute little curls on the back and the side. HAHA! As a new year's resolution, I will update my blog more often and take more pictures to share. If you haven't yet... follow me =)

Have a blessed 2012. LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH!

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