Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today I Turn 31

That's right, today I turn 31. Some people say age is just a number. I think they say that because they don't want to reveal their age to others. I, on the other hand, am proud to say that God has blessed me for 31 years. I was 28 years old when I got diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and PNH, my life could have ended at 28. Instead, the good Lord gave me more years to be with my loved ones. He is forever faithful.

Two weeks ago, Raul asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I'm a very simple person to please, what I asked for was to be with family and friends. Days later, he told me that he has contacted my friends and none of them were available to meet up with us for dinner. I was sad. Then I started doing some investigation and came up with a conclusion that Raul was up to something. Here's why I had an idea that Raul was having a Surprise Birthday Dinner for me:  He said none of my friends can make it. Seriously... NONE of them? Impossible. I mentally prepared myself for a party and even practiced my "surprise" face in front of the mirror.

The day of the party, I kept bugging Raul about this Surprise Party that I was so sure I was going to have. He told me not to get my hopes up and that he was very sorry my friends could not be there. I got sad. Still, in the back of my mind, I knew there was something fishy going on. None of my friends called or sent me a text message. Once again, I practiced my "surprise" face in front of the mirror. I even showed it to Raul. He laughed and told me to stop torturing myself. Over and over, he said. "Hun, I'm really sorry. They said maybe next week we can do something for your birthday." I mentally prepared myself for both situations - with or without them, I'm gonna have fun.

To make a very long story short, Raul did throw a Surprise Party for me. My family and friends were there. Not all of them, some were out of town and could not be there. The space was also limited, so Raul wasn't able to invite everybody, but I had such a great time. I have to admit, when we pulled up to the parking lot, I thought, "Wow. Raul wasn't lying. There's nobody here. My friends are really not going to be here." The lot was practically empty.

Raul opened the door for me. I walked in, looking straight ahead to approach one of the servers, when all of a sudden, from my left side, I saw Bey and Mike, then the rest of the group.

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