Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Sister Viv

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I'm doing well. Today is my older sister's birthday and I am taking her out to lunch. We are having Argentinian food... is that what food from Argentina is called? Anyway, it will be my first time to have it. Hope it's good. I love trying new things... well, only if it's recommended by my sister, Vivs, because I trust her taste bud. Otherwise, I'll go to the same restaurants I usually go to and order the same plate like I always do. My sister, Vivs aka Ate Ex, is that one person who always tells me to get out of my little box and explore. Haha. So, thank you, Ate Ex. Today, I will EXplore. Happy birthday! I love you =)

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  1. Awww...that is so sweet. Yes, Argentine (or Argentinian) food is quite tasty. Exploring is great for the soul. Hmmm...and I think I know quite exactly where you'll be eating lunch today. Mmmm...