Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Watermelon Girl

So here's the story... Raul and I are at the arcade in Rowland Heights and they have one of those claw games where you operate the claw and then it grabs a toy as a prize. Do you know what I'm talking about? I hope so. Anyway, I asked him if he could try to win a Hello Kitty stuffed toy for me and he did. He actually won a couple. One of them is of Hello Kitty wearing a watermelon dress. So, when I spotted a watermelon dress for Danica at the Gymboree store, I bought it for her. And now we have matching Hello Kitty and Danica. Too cute, right? Today, my sister asked me to take pictures of her and post it on facebook. So I did. And I figured since she's only worn the watermelon dress a couple of times, I might as well have her wear it again... get my money's worth. And here's the photo:
She was only 5 months old when she first wore the dress. And now that she's almost 13 months old, she wears it as a top. Don't you just love them? By them, I mean Danica and Hello Kitty. Hehe...

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