Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photography 101

Danica got her first camera today. It is actually my first digital camera. My dad bought it for me during an After Thanksgiving Sale at Best Buy many years ago. 2005 to be exact. At the time, the 7.2 megapixels came out at the stores and my dad paid $500 for it. I felt bad about the price and almost didn't want to ask him to buy it for me, but I thought, "Hey, I'll ask anyway." So I did, and to my surprise he said, "Yes." I couldn't believe it! I love him more for that! I recently found the camera while organizing my closet, I also found the charger for it. After a couple of hours of being charged, I pressed the power button and it turned on. Yippee!! It actually still works. Don't you just love finding something old and finding a use for it? So today, I pass it on to my dear daughter. I hope she enjoys taking pictures as much as I do. 

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