Thursday, April 5, 2012

TJ Maxx Finds

The other day, I ended up in the Urgent Care because I had a sore throat ... hey, wait a minute, that's a different story. So anyway, after visiting the doctor, Raul took me to TJ Maxx. I love that store! I'm a bargain hunter and I love finding designer items for less. My latest finds are a pair of mustard colored wedges by Aerosoles for $29.99, a floral dress for $19.99 and a pair of sunglasses for $9.99. The shoes are super comfortable and just the perfect color for Spring. It's so hard to find shoes that are stylish and at the same time comfortable. Now that I'm a mom, I have to be careful with what type of shoes I wear. I'm mostly wearing flats and flip-flops, because I'm afraid to walk in high heels while carrying my daughter. I'm afraid I might trip and hurt myself and the baby. To all the moms out there, what type of shoes are you wearing nowadays?

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