Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mac and Cheese

(My friend, Sara, requested this recipe. Shout out to Mommy Sara and her lovely girls!) What to do with left over Mac and Cheese??? Make 'em into balls and fry/bake them. They're super easy to make and the kids will love 'em. Have three shallow bowls ready - one for flour, one for egg wash and last one for bread crumbs. Make sure that the mac and cheese is cold. With an ice cream scoop, shape the mac and cheese into meatball-sized balls. Now dip in this order: flour, egg wash then bread crumbs. Deep fry (I prefer to bake 'em) and you're done!

I made this with the help of my friend, Charlane. Although, we deep fried this one. I made my own bread crumbs, too. Next time, I'll add some herbs to it so that it would taste better...

and here's my little nine month old, not so little anymore...

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