Friday, October 7, 2011

What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

So my husband, Raul, works ten minutes away from home. And because he has an hour lunch break, he comes home to eat. Lately, I've been really good at preparing food (both lunch and dinner) for us. However, I'm running out of ideas. So far, these are what I've cooked for us:

- sweet and sour pork
- spaghetti
- chicken alfredo fettucine
- fried chicken
- carne asada tacos
- grilled fillet tilapia
- filipino barbecue

I really need more recipes, especially veggies. Please share some with me. I'd also like to make chicken enchiladas, but don't know how. Maybe I'll look it up on google. But anyway, feel free to share your home cooked recipes with me =)

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  1. *sweet chicken:]
    *Jambalaya... yummm
    *loco moco
    *spam(or you can add scrambled egg)musubi