Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Short Hair

So last Sunday after church service, Raul and I went to the Filipino store to buy food for the week. You would not believe the kind of stares I got from the people at the store. They looked so disgusted at me. Okay, so I decided to be myself and not wear my wig in public for the first time. I figured, I do look like a girl with make-up on and I have a pair of earrings on... so people shouldn't mistake me for a boy. Boy, was I wrong! I got all types of stares... I mean people were just straight out staring at me. One girl even asked her father if I was a girl or a boy (in front of me). I looked at her and told her, "I'm a girl." I was so irritated and mad, but she was maybe only 9 years old. People are so quick to judge. I ran out of the store with Danica. Sometimes I wonder what they think about when they see me (Filipino girl with post chemotherapy hair, tan), my husband (Honduran but looks like a white boy), Danica (light skinned, chinky eyes). To top things off, I look like a teenage mom.

I say... never judge a book by its cover! Everyone has a story to tell. Yes, I'll admit, my post chemo hair is not so attractive... but this is who I am and I just want to let you all know that even though I don't look my best, what's important is that I'm alive, happy and now also healthy.

I hate going to Filipino stores =X
but I can't live without my food

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