Saturday, April 9, 2011

These doctors...

I finally ended up in the OR for a procedure called D&C (Dilation and curettage) and IUD (Intrauterine device). Basically my GYN thinned out the lining of the uterus and inserted a birth control device to help stop the bleeding I have been having since February 2nd. For two months, these doctors allowed me to bleed to death. I just found out that there were a lot of things that they could have done to prevent my trips to the ED (Emergency Department). What a mess! I was getting transfused with packed RBC and platelets every other day; and all that could have been prevented if only they knew what they were doing. During the previous couple of months, I've had 6 pelvic ultrasounds and 8 pelvic exams. Yet with every one of those exams, they come back to me and tell me that everything is normal and it could be just my menses. HELLO?! I'm not a doctor but I know it is not normal to bleed heavily for two months. My high-risk OB, Dr. ERC (his initials), knew about my problem since Day 1 but he didn't do anything about it. As a matter of fact, he came to see me in the ED yesterday to say, "The baby is already out and I'm not managing your case anymore. Dr. L is here to help you. I just came by to say hi." Basically he doesn't care about me! Well boo-hoo! Turns out, he's the one who knows what to do to stop the bleeding. So gee thanks, Dr. ERC! Thanks for taking your sweet time, you were killing me slowly!!! BLAH =X

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  1. Doctors can care less sometimes. It's not a love one they are dealing with. It amazes me on how careless the healthcare system at Kaiser is. I mean if we were not on top of this, things can be so much worse. I feel terrible for those people how have died because of the mismanagement of their health. I have to say, that most Doctors out there are idiots, and really are looking for a short term solution for your long term problem. It's the quick and easy way for them to deal with you, patch you up and forget about you. It's not their problem, it's yours. The lack of compassion and sympathy and the lack of urgency for them to take action has lead me to lose trust in these so called "medical professionals". Dr. Weitz over at USC who we don't see on a regular basis is more concerned about your health then the DR's we pay on a regular basis. She is easy to talk to, and its just not a job for her. She is on a mission to make a difference in peoples life who is suffering from this horrible disease. I have no idea on what drives her, but she truly is amazing and compassionate in helping us defeat this disease. From the day we met her she has made a huge impact in helping us control the PNH. She recommended SOLIRIS and saw a big need for it when they OTHER DR's didn't. She had to call the other DR's and convince them on why the treatment would benefit you. Yet it's funny, because it's these OTHER DRs that take credit for a successful pregnancy. Well, we have to keep on fighting and lets not forget that GOD is our one and only TRUE HEALER who has used people like DR Weitz to help us succeed in defeating PNH and AA. Team DANICA!