Friday, April 22, 2011


My husband, Raul, has been wanting to buy the ipad2 for me but it was sold out everywhere. He got lucky yesterday at the Woodland Hills mall. I was very surprised when he came home with it. At first I thought he only got me the accessories because those were the only things in the Best Buy bag. Even with just the accessories, I was already happy. It was an assurance that he was for sure going to buy it for me. Then, he pulled out two white boxes from his work bag. I couldn't believe my eyes...he got me an iPad!!! The other box was the keyboard, which I will be using when I blog. Although I'm not using it right now because it's in the bedroom and I'm too lazy to get up. But hey! That's a different story. Anyway, just wanted to test this thing out. I love my ipad2! Good night everyone :)

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