Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello! Hello! I have been super busy working on my Photography site, being a wife and a full-time mom, that I haven't posted on this blog. And my friends Debbie, Marina and Diane had to remind me, "Your last post was from January 21st." LOL. I was in Arizona for a couple of days to see family & friends, while my husband attended a symposium for work. I had such a great time and took so many pictures, only to come home and realize that I can't edit any of them because I shot them in RAW format and my editing software is not compatible with the camera. Argh! I am so frustrated. All I can do for now is convert them to jpeg and work with that. I'm waiting for an update for Lightroom so that I'll be able to edit and post pictures on my blog. In the meantime, check out my Photography site (it still needs a lot of work) I've also posted on my site for the first time today. You gotta give me credit for running two sites ;) I will be keeping this one and will continue to post personal posts on here. The other site is strictly for business. 

Hope all is having a wonderful day! 

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